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i havent been having positive thoughts…

which is why i havent had many things to say.

i still LOVE being active… and especially love doing spin.

but i have felt so lazy. rundown. unmotivated.

and on top of it, i hate it. i hate the way i feel and what im doing to my body. but you get to a point where you get so tired of trying - 5 weeks of relentless motivation and effort and watching what you eat and calorie burning - yes, to become a healthier person… but to not see results? you lost it.

& today i came to terms with: yes, ok, maybe my pants shrunk in the dryer… but 15 extra pounds on my body mayyyy have something to do with why they don’t fit you anymore.

i just cant get back on track (consistently). i have to say, consistency is one of my biggest problems in life: love, relationships, work, health… everything. i need some positivity in my life! which is why i turn to this blog :)

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